Meditation – It’s Not What You Think

Practicing Presence

Meditation is about building concentration, training the mind to be present and allowing life to live through you by being, being a human BEING.

Try this exercise on to measure the level of presence that is present in your mind.

Close your eyes for 1 minute, perhaps set a timer if you have one available. Watch your thoughts. How many are tied to the past, the future and how many are present

When you actually analyze thought, it’s amazing how little time we actually focus on the present.  It’s usually about what happened, a memory from recent or what we are going to do next, the future. When you are simply with what is in the moment, being present, the fullness of life has a chance to reveal itself.  The mind quiets and the vibration, the flow, the beauty of life living itself through the uniqueness of you occurs.  Living your truth is more apt to happen if you are not tied to past or future. You can feel your heart first before the mind steals the moment. 


 I recently returned from a trip to California where I provided pain relief with Acutonics® Sound Healing to a family friend struggling with cancer. Upon my return home, I learned of her passing. She was very much alive just the day before. Eating her favorite foods, asserting herself in not taking pain relievers so that she could feel and be alert. We did some vocal toning together and pressed into the Kidney Spirit Points located on the sternum to relieve the coughing as her lungs continued to fill with fluid. She was so present, so brave and aligned with her spirit; clear on what she wanted for her end days and after.  We talked about being with what is…..she wanted to be with her pain so that she could feel and be clear.  Life brought her to that moment and she was able to be with it and to be with her daughter and grandkids and sisters,  in a very present, real way. No fear was there. Just being, allowed her  a peaceful passing and presence and love until she breathed her last breath here on Earth.


 In my training as an iRest Yoga Nidra Practitioner, we learned a roadmap, a  redirecting the bodymind to an expansive feeling of presence, a place or space that one knows has always been there since before birth, with you throughout your time on Earth and there after death. It’s accessible to all because everyone is it.  Some call it God,  presence or Awareness, Consciousness and when you allow it to be your experience along with whatever else is going on in the external, navigating life becomes easier, less stressful, more peaceful. 


Have I peaked your curiosity or desire for this? Come to an iRest Yoga Nidra class of mine or one in your town. In Seattle, check out classes at the Yoga Tree.  Short of that google “Richard Miller, iRest “ on YouTube and find some great teachings on it and meditations as well.


Namaste Everyone.