Yinning Ourselves Back to Sanity

Yinning Ourselves back to sanity……..That is what I’m renaming the Resiliency Class for August.  What does that mean?  Do you find yourself continually trying to catch up on things, feeling like you have too much to do every day and can’t seem to find calmness?    Our culture is very yang, very external. We have become Human Doings, instead of what we are really, which is Human Beings. Take a breath and feel into the physical sensation of these words just for this moment; “There’s nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to be, nothing you have to know, nobody you have to be.”  Can you allow yourself this moment to feel into what that feels like?   If we are to be effective change agents we need to operate from a place of calmness, connectedness. Now more than ever, the universe is asking us to calm down and show up in a calm and creative and authentic way.   To do this, one needs to take internal time each day. Turn off the busy mind if only for a few minutes.  Tap into the feeling on just being…… we are beings, not doings.   Be the peace you want to be. Allow life to live through you by breathing in fully, invite in gratitude for the moment,  the physical feeling of gratitude, feel your body open and relax and how gravity holds you.   Come to “Yinning Ourselves Back to Sanity” aka Resiliency Class on Wednesday, Aug. 15th, 6-8pm at the P&J Center.  It’s free and donations are gratefully accepted.  Ages 8-98.  You will receive Acutonics Sound Healing, learn acupressure points and holds to manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia, sing a song to lighten up, eat healthy snacks and leave feeling relaxed, more sane and little more yin. I challenge you to take this time!!  Until then for an 8” of Peacefulness Meditation go to my website www.notablehealing.com/recordings.    Coming up in the next week at notablehealing.com  a 15” Meditation in Spanish for Peace and Calming.