Tools for Managing Stress and Trauma

3 Tools for Managing Stress and Trauma

Take Meditation for instance, with a few concentrated moments a day, each day, one can access a peaceful loving feeling inside. This recharges all the cells and the neurons in the brain begin to open and wake up. What a goldmine the brain is. She deserves some concentrated attention, some mindful gratitude.  Imagine a funnel open to the stars. Breathe into the highest point on top of your head and exhale down your spine into your belly and feet.  Feel yourself beginning to relax. Place your hands over your heart too! Connect the brain and the heart!  Do it 3-5 times with all of your attention.  Feel the energy of the stars, nature, air traveling from brain to heart. Golden shining brain, open relaxed heart. Mmmmmmmm,  so yummy!  My best meditation times are early morning and the 4-6pm hour when the kidneys are working their hardest.  Taking this time is such a gift to yourself and the world.  Go to to access an 8” of Peacefulness Meditation. Just set your phone to airplane mode, lie down comfy or sit back with both feet on the floor and in ya go, to a relaxed state of being for just those few minutes. It’s a total reset.  I hope you will take advantage of it and enjoy this short restorative time.

Bumblebee Breathing, a Pranayama Breath Exercise – Breath is life, life is Breath. It’s a Win Win when you use it! Take just 3-5 minutes a day to give your brain and nervous system a calming boost. Basically you sit in a chair or on a mat, plug your ears with your thumbs and place your fingers over your eyes nose and hum using the syllable MA and yes this is Hindi for Mother, as in Divine Mother as in The Universe!  Do the humming breath 6-9X and enjoy a peaceful mind.  Go to  to watch a video of Brahmari Pranayama, Bumblebee Breathing

Acutonics® – Chiron - Tuning Fork of the Month – Acutonics Sound Healing Therapy is soothing, gentle and works deeply as the harmonious sound vibrations travel through the meridians and chakras of the human body. The tuning forks are placed on and around the body and work so effectively as sound travels most efficiently through water of which the body is 78%. Acutonics®  tuning forks are precision made based on NASA listening devices and Kepplerian mathematical laws. They are conduits to the planets and have immense healing capabilities.  Sessions last an hour or so and are affordable on a sliding scale basis of $45-90.  Come try a session today! Go to www.notablehealing/contact to make an appt. Or give me a text at 206-898-5090.  

Perhaps you have heard of the largest comet ever seen, Chiron, such a paradox that scientists can’t label it. More akin to an asteroid or perhaps its something new, a planetoid! Chiron lies between Saturn and Uranus and supports the healer within. It is helpful for building courage and strength, it urges us towards wholeness and helps with detoxification.  Chiron is a steward to our Earth.

Some Specific Disharmonies it can assist with are: Deep physical and psychological wounds and scars, sexual abuse, injuries or illnesses that are slow to heal, old patterns that inhibit personal progress, brain imbalances, disconnection from nature.

Chiron is a mystery to us all and in Greek stems from “cheir” which means “hand.”  Chiron is here now to lend us a healing hand!