Keeping Your Activist Self Strong: Burnout Prevention, Resilience Tools

Strengthening Your Activist Muscles! Keeping Calm and Centered!  An Evening at the ABQ P&J Center

Spirit Up Yourself! With Sheila Fox of Notable Healing on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 6-8pm.  Sheila’s background in Music, Sound Healing and Meditation come together in this interactive, relaxing and renewing workshop. Learn simple and effective tools to: Manage Emotions,  Calm the Mind and Renew your Heart!   It’s Free. It’s open to ages 8-98!  It’s fun and it’s easy.  Apples and honey for a sweet New Year await you.  Just RSVP to Sheila Fox at or call 505-717-2402 message/ info.  Txt: 206-898-5090.