Tools for Managing Stress and Trauma

Life lives the way it wants to and flowing with it, is the challenge, isn’t it?

Monday night my house was bombarded with inch and a half hail balls! The sound on the back patio metal and plastic roof was shocking. It went on steadily for a maybe 5-10 minutes as we watched in awe as the stormballs dessimated the garden.

The Excitement and Power of Mother Nature is also Scarey and Destructive!  Holding both emotions at the same time, Exciting Power and Scarey Destruction….part of the dance of life. Always has been, always will be. Nonduality is what it is.  How do human beings navigate it?  How do we manage the mind, the emotions and the physiological affects? Take heart as there are so many tools all around to help us through.

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It's Not What You Do But How You Do It!

Here we are, growing and learning.

It's springtime, which is the perfect time to plant, add, discover, move! In that spirit, I've decided that right now is the best time to begin my blog. So let's get started!

Today's theme is: It’s Not What You Do But How You Do It!   This keeps coming back to me as I observe my anxiousness around getting things done. Yet my heartfelt desire for life is peace in the world within me and within all. If I am not taking time to cultivate that which I desire, how can change happen? 

  Life happens, shift happens, it’s happening now without me doing anything.  What would it feel like to live in the flow, not push to make things happen, not buy into the beliefs of the mind’s incessant chatter.  What if I trusted life to happen and my heart to know what to do….. Doing things from a Yin place, a place of consciousness and reflection, presence and cultivated wisdom, rather than from the old “must do, must push my way.”   Ahhhh, I feel more relaxed and aligned inside when I don’t push and believe it’s the only way to get things done. …… I am being more peaceful and accomplishing my heartfelt desire for peace in the world.  And in the being peace I am doing what needs to be done…… amazing and even more effectively. Less is really more.  Most of us have just bought into the belief that more is more.

Take time to smell the flowers, listen to the birds, watch the trees sway in the winds.

Take time to feel gratitude for being alive, to enjoy the earth’s beauty.  Feel this positive energy inside you. Then share it with all, here and around the world.

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